A  History of Classic Racing  50cc Motorcycles



J Morrow 50cc NSU Quickly 2 Speed

Beryl Swain - 1962 IoM 50cc TT

DEMM Over Head Cam 50cc Racer 1961

The site is for people who love the Classic "50" Racing Motorcycle and in some instances the 125cc class as well (where 50cc riders competed in both classes)  and even for those people that love to hate it, as once it gets into your blood you can not get rid of the attachment.

Some of us have been parading and/or racing our 50cc Classic Bikes here in the UK, Belgium and Holland and many other European Countries for a number of years and as there is a growing interest in the more modern machinery it became obvious that there was a need for a style of web site that would trace the history of the 50cc racer and give as much detail as possible to allow research if needed. 

With the earliest events being held in Italy and in the UK, the potential of this class for providing entertaining but affordable racing was soon recognised with several national championships and in 1961 the FIM introduced The Coupe d' Europe, a series of international events for 50cc machines, each with a minimum duration and run to established Grand Prix rules and regulations.

This site covers an age span of the Classic 50cc Race Bikes which ranges from the early 1950's to 1983 when the FIM decided to cater for an 80cc class.

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Come and join us for some ‘real racing on real bikes’ at the lovely Tonfanau Circuit in Mid-Wales. More riders and more action is on the way this year in the Golden Era Lightweight Cup in both the Classic 50cc and Classic 125cc classes.

We are delighted that T.R.A.C. (Tonfanau Racing Association Club) is again hosting the ‘Historic Golden Era Lightweight Cup’ for the its second season.  This Cup is part of the event programme of the Historic Racing Fifty Club meeting.

Race dates are all Sundays:
March 31st
May 26th
June 30th
August 25th

Making the meetings more accessible to those who are committed to other things on Saturdays.

The Championship will over 12 races (3 at each of the 4 meetings)  at this beautiful Welsh circuit. On display and out on track will be a wide range of historic 50oc and 125cc racing machines. The aim is to race the machines seen on track during the golden era of the 1960s, 1970s, and for the 50cc bikes the very early years of the 1980s.

We encourage not only the ‘standard’ production race machines but also the wonderful, self-built modified bikes that were raced at both Club, National and some even at International meetings in this period.


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50cc Eligibility Details

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125cc Eligibility Details

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There are a number of ‘classes’ in this Championship with the main ones as follows:

1. 50cc machines made no later than 1982 – 2 stroke; 4 stroke, air cooled and water cooled

2. 125cc 2 stroke machines made no later than the mid-1970s; air cooled.

3. Water cooled 

4 stroke machines of not more than 200cc and made no later than mid-1970s

So open up the shed, get the old bike out, check it over and come and join us to recreate the ‘golden   era’.  Want to know more about your bike’s eligibility and how to take part? Then call Steve on 07410 397201

The Isle of Man 2000 - Castletown Square and the 50cc class on parade