50cc Racing History from 1953 through to 1983 



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The site is for people who love the Classic "50" Racing Motorcycle and in some instances the 125cc class as well (where 50cc riders competed in both classes)  and even for those people that love to hate it, as once it gets into your blood you can not get rid of the attachment.

Some of us have been parading and/or racing our 50cc Classic Bikes here in the UK, Belgium and Holland and many other European Countries for a number of years and as there is a growing interest in the more modern machinery it became obvious that there was a need for a style of web site that would trace the history of the 50cc racer and give as much detail as possible to allow research if needed.  This site covers an age span of the Classic 50cc Race Bikes which ranges from the early 1950's to 1983 when the FIM decided to cater for an 80cc class.  

This Site is intended as a History and Archive site built on the "50s" past. The site aims to provide entertainment, technical information and a history suitable for any one studying or wishing to write about this class.

"The best horsepower we attained at Aprilia last year (2007 125cc GP) was 53.9 HP at 13,000 rpm. This means a bhp of 14.88 at a piston speed of 23.6 m/sec. Using these same values means that a single cylinder 50cc would give 29.5 BHP at 17,850 rpm and a 50cc twin would give 39 BHP at 23,600 rpm, measured at the gearbox output shaft. I am 100% sure these values can be attained although it never will be proved due to lack of interest and money. Remember that 50cc development was stopped in 1983 and enormous progress was made in the following 24 years. Now, sadly, also the development of the 125cc two strokes has stopped, the two stroke will only survive in karting but there will be no progress because of the very strict regulations!" - Jan Thiel 2008


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The Isle of Man 2000 - Castletown Square and the 50cc class on parade