A  History of Classic Racing  50cc Motorcycles



Name: Bedřich  Fendrich 
Birth date: 24th June 1943 
Birth Place: Zmojmo  
Date of Death : Not Yet! 
Place of Death : Not Yet! 
Nationality: Czechoslovakian 
Gender: Male

If  Czechoslovakia had the equivalent of the American ‘TOP GUN’ then Bedrich Fendrich belonged to the 'Best of the Best' group of the Czechoslovak competitors in the smaller classes which included the 125cc and the 50cc classes.

A circuit that Bedrich raced on, where he had many successes was the Horice circuit, which is now in the Czech Republic. The event was called "300 zatácek" (300 bends) and appears to have become "300 zatácek Gustava Havla" after the death of the racer Gustav Havel in a traffic accident, on his 50cc moped, in Prague on 31 December 1967

There were no 50cc races held on the "HORICE" circuit in 1968 but they did run through the decade with only the 1975 being missed. This picture is of the title holders of the different classes during that time.

He started in the Czechoslovak championship in 1967 and raced through to the 1982 season. During this period, he won 31 major races and took the Czechoslovakian championship title on eight occasions. Picture: Gustav Havel

Bedrich began riding in the World Championship for the first time in Brno in 1968. When, in 1969, he was not offered contract or a machine for the 125cc class to ride in the Czech Republic he moved across to CZ. Since 1970, he had been the factory rider of Považské Strojíren on their Tatran motorcycles, competing in the classes of 50cc and 125cc, in which he fought primarily against the AHRA motorcycles on the domestic circuits.

In 1970, Bedrich had a good ride and finished the Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia in 11th place riding a Tatran 50cc motorcycle. In the following year 1971 he reached seventh place with the sixth place being taken by Zbynek Havrda on the AHRA motorcycle and the fifth taken by Milan Šobán on a Kreidler.

When he was seventeen  In his home championship he finished seventh on the Ravu 125cc motorcycle in 1967. In 1970 he won the championship title on the Tatran 50, in 1971 on the Tatran 125cc. In 1972 and 1973, he was always awarded the title in one of the smaller classes. In 1975 he won titles on the Tatran 50cc and Ravu 125cc. Another title was awarded to Bedrich when riding the Kreidler 50cc. Picture: Bedrich on the Kreidler 28th August 1976. It was at that time that he Then he decided to switch to an experimental motorcycle, The Juventus.   

This motorcycle was of  his own construction but he was unable to win another title on it. He did  reach the finish line in Brno in 1979 on the 125cc Juventus. The last race of the Czech Republic Championship was again won by Bedrich on July 4, 1976 and in both classes, the 50cc and the 125cc.

These are Race bikes built under the Juventus name by Bedrich Fendrich in the city of Zmojmo. 50,80 and 125 ccm


Czechoslovak Motorcycle Championship
8x Master of Czechoslovakian classes up to 50 and 125cc
31 victories in Czechoslovakia Championship races up to 50cc

1967 to 125 cm³ - 7th place
1968 to 125 cm³ - 10th place
1969 to 50 cm³ - 2nd place
1969 to 125 cm³ - 26th place
1970 to 50 cm³ - 1st place
1970 to 125 cm³ - 8th place
1971 to 50 cm³ - 2nd place
1971 to 125 cm³ - 1st place
1972 to 50 cm³ - 1st place
1972 to 125 cm³ - 4th place
1973 to 50 cm³ - 1st place
1973 to 125 cm³ - 4th place

World Motorcycle World Championship 1971 - 27th place up to 50cc
Grand Prix CSSR 1971 7th place up to 50cc - motorcycle Tatran
Grand Prix CSSR 1979 17.place to 125 cm³ - motorcycle Juventus
300 ZGH  -  Class up to 50cc

1970 3rd place up to 50cc
1972 1st place to 50cc
1973 1st place up to 50cc
1974 1st place up to 50cc
1976 1st place up to 50cc - motorcycle Kreidler

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