A  History of Classic Racing  50cc Motorcycles


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June Beaumont (Hillaby)

But if June is occasionally worried, that's nothing to how Mike feels when his wife's road racing.  She' is the sister of Auto 66 Secretary Pete Hillaby and their father used to do a bit of motor racing. When Peter bought a 50cc Itom road racer and didn’t have time to ride it, her father said she ought to have a go. So, June borrowed a set of leathers and started turning out at Elvington, Croft and Carnaby.

In the Racing 50 Club events she had several third and fourth places. At Croft she beat two men on works Minarellis.  “I could take them on at Croft.” said June. “But at Elvington the straights were a bit too long.” She hasn't raced since last year because of the cost.  “It's £6 for one meeting.  Mike can do about six for that. and know, with a lot of good blokes on Kreidlers it's just not worth it.

How did a grass tracking husband and a road racing wife come to terms with the clash of interests? June explains: “We used to go road racing on Saturday then rush back and load up for the grass track on Sunday.  If Mike wouldn't come on a Saturday I used to go on my own. The Itom would just fit in the back of my dad's Mini.”

Mike had one go on the road on a 125 Bultaco. “He frightened himself to death.”  said June. She used to frighten Mike, too.  Said Mike: “She was barmy sometimes. We were there one day and there were all these 50s haring into a sharp left hander. She came zooming in on the inside and came out in front of them all. I shut my eyes"

“I don't shut my eyes,” says June. “I've got more nerve than him” There really is no end to the talents of Mrs. Beaumont. Most husbands come home at night for their tea, Mike comes home to find his bike in bits. “If owt goes wrong on a Sunday the bikes all stripped down, ready for me to work on when I get home on Monday,” says Mike. 'I only have to lift the motor out."