50cc Racing History from 1953 through to 1983 - JEEP (AKA  J. E. Elton-Payne) 


 This is a Sales Brochure from

Tooleys of Lee Green 
Sole ITOM DEALERS for Great Britain

Station Garage
Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, London,
SE 12.
KIPling 4908


The 50 cc COMPETITION Mk 8.

Following a line of really great super performance 50 c.c. machines comes this very latest new model - the fastest 50 c.c. machine available in this country. A development of strenuous and continuous competition, in all types of road races and hill climbs with standard production machines, results in the introduction of this truly race proved model. From  front to rear designed for performance. 

The "Mark VIII" COMPETITION model.

This MIGHTY ITOM" comes to you complete and ready for normal road use, with Lights, Speedometer, Silencer, Horn, etc. PLUS a Racing Expansion Exhaust System for use when racing ONLY. (Picture above)

The 50 c.c. COMPETIZIONE Mk 8: To convert this new Mk. 8 Competition model for racing, remove Toolboxes, Lights and Speedo, Exhaust Pipe and Silencer, Rear Chainguard, etc. Also remove kick-starter and shaft and plug the shaft holes with cork - when doing this ALWAYS fill well above the normal oil level so that the Clutch Drum dips into oil. Fit the Expansion chamber, making a small bracket to fit a suitable bolt, tune Carburettor etc., and position clip-ons in a suitable racing position. For Standard Production Racing leave machine as supplied.

 NEVER use Two-Stroke self-mixing oil in your Itom.

For Normal use ½pint 'R' SAE30 to 1 Gallon Petrol.

For Racing only ½ pint R40 to 1 Gallon best Petrol.

 Extracts from Road Test of perfectly standard

 Mk.8. Competition Itom carried out by staff of "THE MOTOR CYCLE" dated 30th Dec 1965.


"When it comes to 5000 over-the-counter racers there are few names worthy of respect as that of ITOM". "If ever a roadster was built for speed this is it." "The  Competition fits the bill from clip-ons to humped racing seat". "From stem to stern the ITOM is a thoroughbred sportster looking decidedly smart in its Red and Cream/ Yellow and White livery".




This is only a small part of the text that made up the Tooleys 1963 Sales Brochure for the 50cc Itom COMPETIZIONE Mk 8 Racing Model. Click on the button to see a .PDF that you can save to your own system.



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